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Don't worry, I'm not crazy ...

This is King of Hearts, a shrine dedicated to James Sunderland, the lead character and antagonist of Konami's Silent Hill 2.

One of the longest running Silent Hill shrines on the web, KoH has been online in various guises since January 2002 when Candi first brought it to life. It continues to provide the most extensive, detailed and exhaustive James Sunderland information available online today. There have been visitors to KoH since August 2003.

It's difficult to quantify what it is that engages me so about James. Like Candi before me, I guess I was drawn to him; his demeanor, his apathy, his weaknesses, his sadness . . . His loneliness. James was the first video game character to completely draw me into his world and as such, he remains one of my all time favourite characters from a video game. Ever.

You will not find any fangirly "OMG, James is so cuyuuuuuutee!!1! squee squee squee!!11' in these pages, for there is nothing remotely 'squee!111!!!' about any of Silent Hill franchise. Since 1999 it has been survival horror at it's most terrifying. Psychologically jarring, emotionally scarring, it takes seemlingly innocent souls and thrusts them into the nightmareish world of monsters and ghosts and emotional torment . . . I ask you, what's cute about that?

This site is jam-packed with unmarked spoilers. If you don't want to ruin the twist at the end - for a twist it certainly is - I urge you to complete the game at least once before proceeding. Don't spoil the game for yourself!

As always, KoH and Heaven's Night are proud to be part of the Bitter Season network.

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